Get Started with Ultimate Lit Shader


Before we dive into using Ultimate Lit Shader, you'll need to install it in your Unity project. Here's how:

  1. Open your Unity project.
  2. Ensure you are using Unity 2022.3 or later.
  3. In the Unity menu, go to Window > Package Manager.
  4. Click the "Packages" dropdown and choose My Assets.
  5. Find the Ultimate Lit Shader in your assets.

Unity will now download and install Ultimate Lit Shader for your project.

Applying the Shader

With Ultimate Lit Shader installed, you're ready to apply the shader to your materials. Follow these steps:

  1. In your Project window, right click, then choose Create > Material to create a new material.
  2. Name the material appropriately.
  3. With the new material selected, in the Inspector window, find the Shader dropdown.
  4. Select the Ultimate Lit Shader shader from the list.

Your material is now using the Ultimate Lit Shader.

Basic Usage

Ultimate Lit Shader is a powerful shader with many features. Here are some of the basic usage scenarios:

  • Texture Maps: You can apply various texture maps like albedo, normal, height, occlusion, metalness, roughness, and emission to your material.
  • Adjusting Colors: Customize your material's colors, transparency, and emission using the shader properties.
  • Lighting: Use the shader's advanced lighting features to achieve realistic and visually stunning effects.
  • Vertex Painting: Use multiple texture sets together with vertex colors to create art-directable height blended materials.

Experiment with these basic features to get a feel for what Ultimate Lit Shader can do.


To unlock the full potential of Ultimate Lit Shader, explore the shader's extensive customization options:

  • Shader Properties: In the Inspector, you'll find a range of properties you can tweak to achieve the desired look and feel for your materials.
  • Scripting: You can also control the shader properties programmatically through scripts, allowing for dynamic changes during gameplay.