Outline Objects

Outline Objects

Outline Objects is a per-object outline shader for Unity URP.

This package makes it easy to create and apply different outlines for each object in your scene.

Outline Objects works with any object you have in your scene. You apply Outline Objects as an additional material, so you don't need to replace any existing materials or update your project to work with a new shader.

Outline Objects supports a variety of configuration options to make your outlines look the way you want - from basic settings like outline thickness and outline color to innovative features like per-vertex thickness and noise-based jittering.

Outline Objects fits a variety of different use cases. You can use this asset to outline all the objects in your scene for a full outline style. You can also outline only some objects in your scene (like characters) to help them stand out. And, you can even outline just one object in your scene - like if you want to outline selected objects.

Outline Objects works in real time across all genres including casual games, FPS, third person, side-scroller, top down, and RTS.

Outline Objects was designed using a custom, hand-written shader. This maximizes the performance of the asset so that your game can run as smoothly as possible.

Package Style

Super Simple Skybox is an asset. When you import it, it will import to the Assets/Outline Objects/ directory.


Outline Objects depends on the Universal Render Pipeline package. It is not compatible with the Built-In Render Pipeline or the High Definition Render Pipeline.

Outline Objects is compatible with the following versions of the Unity Editor:

  • 2021.3 and later.