Weather System

Weather System

Altos enables you to set precipitation and weather states using Weather Manager components.

To preview the weather map, click Window > OccaSoftware > Altos > Cloudmap Preview

Add a Weather State

  1. Create a new Game Object
  2. Click Add Component > OccaSoftware > Altos > Weather Manager

Configure the Weather State

  1. Position the Weather State on the XZ plane where you want to originate the weather state from.
  2. Set the Precipitation Intensity. 1 = Rain. 0 = No Rain.
  3. Set the Radius of the Weather State.

Integrate VFX

Altos VFX are automatically integrated with the weather system using the WeatherEffect class.

You can use the WeatherEffect component or roll your own.

Using the WeatherEffect Component (Recommended)

To integrate your own VFX with the weather system, add a altos_PrecipitationAmount property to your Visual Effect asset, then use the WeatherEffect component to set it.