Quick Start

Getting Started

Follow the steps in this section to install Ascii in your project. Get started quickly with one of the several included font assets, then build and use a custom font to make it your own.

Installing ASCII

Ascii is a free package, available for any project. You install Ascii by licensing it on the Unity Asset Store, then importing it to your project like any other Unity Asset.

After you install Ascii, a new Asciifolder appears in the Packages, and a new Renderer Feature is available to your Universal Renderer Data.

Customizing ASCII

You can customize the settings for your Ascii renderer directly from your Universal Renderer Data.

As a first step, try adding a new Font Asset to the Font Asset slot.

Several font assets are already included in the package for you.

To use one of these font assets, navigate to Packages/Ascii/Font Assets/~.

Then, drag and drop one of these font assets in to the Font Asset slot in the Settings options.