Super Simple Skybox

Super Simple Skybox

Super Simple Skybox is a skybox shader and day-night system for games in need of something simple that just works.

Super Simple Skybox solves the problem of authoring a dynamic skybox shader with support for rendering a moon, procedural and texture-based stars, and seamless clouds, and integrating these features with an easy-to-use day-night cycle system.

Super Simple Skybox also makes it easy to dynamically adjust your scene based on time of day transitions with built-in callback actions on various events.

Super Simple Skybox works regardless of your game's art style. This asset is highly customizable, so you can achieve both realistic and stylized rendering without being forced to switch to a different system.

Super Simple Skybox includes dozens of art assets, so you don't need to author these yourself. It includes procedural cloud textures modeled on both procedural noise as well as real-world photographs. It also includes night sky textures from real-world photographs.

Super Simple Skybox was designed using Shader Graph so that you can easily change the shader without needing to learn to code shaders yourself.

Super Simple Skybox works in real time across all genres including casual games, FPS, third person, side-scroller, top down, and RTS.

Super Simple Skybox also works well with other Unity tools and assets, like timelines, sequences, animations, cinemachine, and more.

Package Style

Super Simple Skybox is a package. When you import it, it will import to the Packages/Super Simple Skybox/ directory.


Super Simple Skybox depends on Shader Graph. It is compatible with Universal Render Pipeline and Built-In Render Pipeline, but it is not compatible with the High Definition Render Pipeline. If you do not have Shader Graph in your project, Super Simple Skybox has flagged Shader Graph as a dependency. Unit will import it automatically for you.

Super Simple Skybox is compatible with the following versions of the Unity Editor:

  • 2021.3 and later.