Disable Altos for a Camera

Disable Altos for a Specific Camera


Altos may conflict with other assets that create and use cameras. The best way to resolve this is to assign those cameras to a different Renderer that uses a slimmed-down set of Renderer Features. If that is not possible, you can disable Altos on a specific camera using the included DiableAltosRendering.cs component.

Setup Steps

Step 1

Identify the camera that is causing the issues. Third-party assets may generate and manage cameras by script during runtime.

Step 2

Add the DisableAltosRendering.cs component to that camera. If a third-party asset generates and manages the camera by script, modify the script.

using OccaSoftware.Altos.Runtime
// ...
void Update()

Step 3

Confirm that you have added the component to the camera.

Step 4

Confirm that the rendering issue is gone.