Responsive Smokes

Responsive Smokes

Responsive Smokes is an interactive volumetric smoke system for Unity URP. Responsive Smokes solves the challenge of creating a smoke propagation system, volumetric smoke renderer, and smoke interactivity system to integrate in your project.

Responsive Smokes consists of two main pieces: The smoke handler and the interactivity handlers.

Responsive Smokes makes it easy to create volumetric smoke that fits your scene geometry during runtime.

Responsive Smokes supports multiple smoke systems active in a scene at the same time.

Responsive Smokes enables you to trigger interactions with the volumetric smoke using the interactivity handlers. Responsive Smokes includes two types of configurable interactivity handlers: projectiles and explosions.

Responsive Smokes allows you to configure the smoke propagation settings, including the smoke propagation rate, size, voxel density, lifetime, and maximum frame costs.

Responsive Smokes also gives you the ability to configure the smoke characters, including the smoke density.

Responsive Smokes interactivity handlers allow you to configure the interaction, including interaction radius, lifetime properties, and more.

This asset simply works, regardless of your game's art style. This package is designed using physically based principles, but allows you a lot of control and can give highly stylized results.

Responsive Smokes works in real time across all genres including first person shooter games, third person games, side-scrollers, top down games, and real-time strategy games.

Responsive Smokes also integrates well with other Unity packages as well as other assets from the Unity Asset Store.

Asset Style

Responsive Smokes is an asset. When you import it, it will import to the Assets/OccaSoftware/ResponsiveSmoke/ directory.


Responsive Smokes depends on the Universal Render Pipeline. It is not compatible with the Built-In Render Pipeline or the High Definition Render Pipeline.

Responsive Smokes is compatible with the following versions of the Unity Editor:

  • 2021.3 and later.


Responsive Smokes is compatible with both the Forward and Deferred Render Paths.