Ascii is a post-processing system to dynamically convert your screen image to an ASCII style in real time.

Ascii solves the challenge of quantizing your target image, translating the quantized image to text characters, and printing these text characters into the screen.

Ascii also makes it easy to import and use any font asset with the Ascii shader system.

This package is designed to make it easy to get Ascii style results without retooling your project or redesigning your source art assets.

Ascii works regardless of your scene content. When you change your scene - such a moving a character, changing a material, or moving the camera - this Ascii shader continues working normally and will render according to the options you provide in the renderer feature.

Ascii was designed using Shader Graph so that you can change the core shaders and systems without coding complex shaders.

Ascii uses the Renderer Feature system in Unity URP.

Ascii works in real time across all genres including casual games, 2D, FPS, third person, side-scroller, top down, and RTS.

Ascii works well with other Unity tools and assets.

Package Style

Ascii is a package. When you import it, it will import to the Packages/~ directory.


Ascii depends on the Universal Render Pipeline. If you are already using the Universal Render Pipeline, just install it and start using it. If you do not have Universal Render Pipeline available, you need to import it.

Ascii also depends on Shader Graph.

Ascii version 2.0.0 and later is compatible with the following versions of the Unity Editor:

  • 2021.3 and later.