Altos is a complete sky system for Unity URP. Altos makes it easy to create a dynamic sky. Altos includes a time of day system. Altos also includes volumetric clouds. And, Altos has built-in atmospheric fog.

Altos sky system


Altos consists of four main modules:

  1. Sky Rendering and Time of Day
  2. Volumetric Clouds
  3. Stars
  4. Atmospheric Fog


Altos makes it easy to trigger gameplay events based on your time of day. It uses event providers (like Actions).

Altos works, regardless of your game's art style. We designed this sky package using physically-based principles. But, we also designed it to give you total control so that you can achieve the look you want.

Altos includes over one hundred unique texture assets. These include art assets like star and moon textures. It also includes built-in volumetric noise textures. You do not need to be an artist to use Altos.

Altos works in real time across all genres. Altos is a great fit for first-person and third-person 3D games. Altos also works well for Real-Time Strategy games or 2D Games.

Altos integrates well with other Unity packages. Altos also works well with other assets from the Unity Asset Store.

Asset Style

Altos is a package. When you import it, it will import to the Packages/com.occasoftware.altos/~ directory.


Render Pipelines

✅ Altos is compatible with Universal Render Pipeline

❌ Altos is NOT compatible with Built-In Render Pipeline

❌ Altos is NOT compatible with High Definition Render Pipeline

Unity Editor Versions

Altos is compatible with the following versions of the Unity Editor:

✅ 2021.3 LTS

✅ 2022.3 LTS

Rendering Paths

Altos is compatible with either the Forward or Deferred Render Path.

✅ Forward

✅ Deferred