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Toon Kit 2

Toon Kit 2 is a flexible and straightforward toon shader for Unity URP with a reasonable set of properties.

Toon Kit 2 solves the challenge of writing your own toon lighting model and integrating that toon lighting model with basic Unity features like shadows and additional lights.

Toon Kit 2 works out-of-the-box with opaque, transparent, and alpha clip materials.

Toon Kit 2 uses a proprietary toon lighting model that maximizes the quality of the toon lighting results without compromising performance.

Toon Kit 2 is made with a combination of Shader Graph, Sub Graphs, and Custom Function Nodes so that you can edit the source shader without needing to learn to code shaders.

Toon Kit 2 offers support for front-face, back-face, and both-sided rendering.

Toon Kit 2 enables you to set the depth test options and depth write options directly from the material editor so that you can easily create custom effects.

Toon Kit 2 is compatible with Unity's built-in Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) solution.

Toon Kit 2 offers detailed control over the specific lighting features that you use from our toon lighting model, so you have complete control over the final look for your project.

Package Style

Toon Kit 2 is a UPM Package. When you install it, it will create a new directory: Packages/Toon Kit 2/~.

Packages are referenced by manifest, so they make it easier to reference the same source package from multiple projects.


Toon Kit 2 has dependencies on Unity URP and Shader Graph. Toon Kit 2 is not compatible with Built-In Render Pipeline or HDRP.

Toon Kit 2 is compatible with the following versions of the Unity Editor:

  • 2021.3 and later.


Toon Kit 2 is compatible with both the Forward and Deferred Render Paths.

Toon Kit 2 is compatible with VR SPI and Multi-Pass.