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LSPP is a fast post-process god ray effect. LSPP (short for Light Scattering Post Process) makes it extremely easy to add depth and detail to your scene with real-time light scattering. LSPP is a renderer feature and is integrated with the volume component system.

LSPP is configurable but straightforward. With fewer than 10 options, you don't need to read a book to learn how to use the asset. That being said, it offers sufficient options to make the volumetric lighting look the way you want. And, it offers performance-related controls so that you can meet your project's frame budgets.

Where to get it

LSPP is available on the Unity Asset Store.


LSPP is compatible with Unity 2021.3 and higher. LSPP depends on the Universal Render Pipeline and is only compatible with that pipeline. LSPP has no other external dependencies.